Beach Carnival



2013 Beach Carnival

 Kids walking to beach


Recount by Caitlin in 1G

On Friday, I went to the beach carnival. I went with K-2. I played heaps of fun games. I went because mummy filled the note in.

First, we walked down to the beach. My partner was Cooper. When we got there, we had some munch break.

Next, we played a game with Miss Green. We had to get water, run back with it on our head and pour all of the water into the bucket.

Finally, we sat on the green grass and had some lunch. After some lunch, we walked back to school.

I felt exhausted after it but I was fine! I also felt happy because I loved it!!!2013



Recount by Hayden in 1H

Last Friday, K-2 students from Manly Village Public School went to the wharf beach for a beach carnival to get fit.

First, we had to run around a parent and that is called wading. After, we did balloon games. You had to put a balloon between your legs.

Then, we did a bucket race and that is where you get a cone and you put it on your head. After, we did crab races where you walk like a crab.

Finally, we had an ice block at school.

I had a great time because it was good fun!


  Beach Relay                            Water Bucket Splash!