Multicultural Public Speaking


Congratulations to our Multicultural Public Speaking Finalists

Each year Manly Village students participate in the Multicultural Public Speaking Competition, with our children preparing and presenting speeches on a range of multicultural topics. Two winners are selected from the stage two cohort and two winners are selected from the stage three cohort to represent our school in the district finals. A hearty congratulations to Aurelia and Zoe from Stage Two, and Jack and Lily from Stage Three for being selected as our school finalists.


Last Monday 24 June the finalists represented our school most capably at the district finals. The students presented their prepared multicultural speech as well as an impromptu speech. This involved seven schools, all of which entered two students in each stage competition. One student from the fourteen in each division of 14 students is selected to participate at regional level and only two highly commended merits are awarded. So it is with a great amount of pride to announce Jack's highly commended status. This competition is highly competitive given that all the students in each stage present speeches prior to being awarded finalist status, so this is an amazing achievement.


Thank you to teachers, Ms Campbell and Mrs Donaldson for organising the competition and our very devoted Mrs Archer for going along on the day during her leave to support the children.


Here are two accounts of the experience from Zoe and Lucy:


When I went to represent our school it was really a great experience. I was very happy but also very scared. Aurelia and I did very well but we didn't get in. After we got to eat banana bread and drink orange juice. it was really exciting. I also learnt a lot from what the adjudicator said to improve on. It was a great day. One I will remember.

Zoe 4S


Jack and I attended the multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition. There were fourteen other children competing. Their speeches were all fabulous. It was a very tough decision for the adjudicator. I was the first speaker and jack was the fourth.


The impromptu topic was Pushing the Boundaries. With five minutes on the clock we frantically scribbled down our ideas. The adrenalin was pumping through my veins. My impromptu seemed to go on forever, yet it felt so short.Then the awards were presented. I didn't receive one, but Jack did, so well done to him.


The experience was fantastic. I hope others who go to the finals will enjoy it as much as me.

Lucy 6D


Multicultural Public Speaking Finalists