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Last updated 3:27 PM on 2 August 2014

We look forward to celebrating Education Week with a special Open Day this Wednesday 30 July. This year commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Education Week, highlighting the outstanding quality of education in our NSW public schools. Our MVPS Open Day is an opportunity for us to share the achievements of our students and staff. We invite our visitors to celebrate Education Week with us by visiting your child's classroom from 8am, attending our special concert in the hall from 9:30am and sharing morning tea with us at the conclusion of the concert.  A huge thank you must be extended to our fabulous team of teachers for coordinating this special event as well as our wonderful canteen volunteers for organising another delicious morning tea for our visitors. We look forward to seeing everyone at this special event. Please find attached our order of performances.


Order of Performances (pdf 71 KB)