Reading Programs


There are a number of ways parents can assist their children and the teachers with their reading programs. Having children read to you each night is extremely beneficial in improving children's reading skills, particularly in the younger grades. Children will go home with home readers and can also borrow books from the school library. You can also facilitate their comprehension and encourage children to read for meaning if you talk about what the book might be about, what happened in the story etc. Please refer to the following attachments about the different levels of reading and handy hints for fostering reading comprehension. Children enjoy spending time at the end of a long day sharing a book with a loved one.

Home Reading Guide (pdf, 39 KB)




Teachers often ask parents to assist in the classroom with their reading groups. This typically involves taking a small group of children, asking them to predict what the book is about, having each child take turns to read the story and asking comprehension questions to ensure they are understanding what they are reading. This can be an invaluable support to the children as it provides them with individualised attention and assistance.

Reading Group Helper's Guide (pdf, 40 KB)