School Council

As outlined in its Constitution, the purpose of the School Council is to enable staff, parents and the wider community to work together to help MVPS achieve its goals.

Some of the specific objectives of the Council relate to these broad areas:

  • Communication and Participation - to encourage open and honest communication among staff, students and parents.
  • Welfare - of students, staff and parents through regular review of policy and school matters.
  • Education - to assist in determination and review of educational goals and priorities of the school.
  • School Goals - to regularly review the school goals, and assist in the development and implementation of Management Plan.
  • Community - promote a positive image of the school in the educational and wider communities. Establish and implement policies and procedures for community use of the school.
  • Finance - assist with the financial management of the school, including the development of an Annual Budget Plan and review of financial reports.

These objectives are the basis for the School Council operation. There are seven current members of the School Council:

  • Principal
  • 3 parent representatives
  • 1 P&C representative
  • 2 staff representatives

Meetings are held in the Technology Room twice per term. You are welcome to attend. Dates and time can be obtained from the school office on 9977 3066.

School Council Minutes

 October 2013 (doc 25 KB)

December 2012 (pdf 47 KB)

School Council Minutes October (pdf, 60 KB)