Going green


Year 6 Utilities Prefects

·        Awards for turning off lights & fans during break times.


Waste Free Wednesdays

·        Children bring lunch in containers—no wrappings


An Eco –Warrior

·        In every class


Water Conservation

·        Water tank, curriculum studies, action



·        Manly Council

·        Manly Environment Centre

·        Taronga Zoo



·        Winning School - Manly Council Blooming Gardens Award for Best

      Community Garden  



·        Clean up Australia Day



Penguin Project

2007 was the inaugural year of the Penguin Project. Manly Village Public School was very proud to be selected as the first school to be involved in this project. All of our Year 5 & 6 students participated in an extensive range of practical and engaging environmental activities. A team of education officers from Taronga Park Zoo led the project and visited the school on a weekly basis to work with the students. The project included an excursion to the zoo, a beach audit, bush regeneration, an eco footprint audit and a lagoon site visit. It culminated in the Zoo Expo, whereby the children showcased their work.

Due to the great success of the project in 2007, it was extended in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Our Year 5 students were very capably mentored by Year 9 students from Mackellar Girls High School and Bally Boys High School. Again the culmination of the project involved students preparing a major piece of work designed to raise awareness of the plight of the penguin and to harness a commitment to looking after the local inhabitant.

Students in previous years have created a website to visit


Murder Under the Microscope

Murder Under the Microscope is an exciting and interactive online environmental competition which Year 6 entered. This competition involves students in working together to research and analyse a fictitious eco-crime. Throughout the competition, the students are provided with clues, which help them identify the crime site (where the environmental problem exists), the villain (the cause of the problem) and the victim. Once the students pinpoint the identity of the crime site, villain and victim, they must submit their predictions as well as a catchment management plan.

School environmental management plans work across the key learning areas of the curriculum and the whole school community.

We start with local sustainability and over time develop student understanding of how their work contributes globally.

Students and staff manage, observe and monitor our school's resources, waste and physical surroundings, then take on activities to protect and improve our school and the local environment.

Your child will develop an understanding about:

  • the relationship between human activities and natural systems
  • sustainable management of the earth's resources
  • the inter-related nature of processes in the natural environment

We encourage you to support your child's 'going green' activities, and to help them to learn to care for the environment as part of their everyday lives.